The Influence of Organizational Culture, and Work Motivation on Work Discipline Employees in Secretariat General of the National Resillience Council

Afanti Side Uloli, Maruf Akbar, Kadir Kadir


Employees at The National Resillience Council General Secretariat experienced problems related to work discipline. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of organizational culture and work discipline on work motivation employees. This study used 115 employees in secretariat general of the national defence council. The results show that organizational culture has a significant and positive effect on work motivation. Work discipline also has a significant and positive effect on work motivation. The implications of this study indicate that to be able to improve work motivation, high work discipline and high organizational culture are needed. Employees need the encouragement of superiors to have the desire to be present at work.

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Mangkunegara, A. P., & Octorend, T. R. (2015). Effect of Work Discipline, Work Motivation and Job Satisfaction on Employee Organizational Commitment in the Company (Case Study in PT. Dada Indonesia). Universal Journal of Management 3(8), 318-328. Renah, Anatalia,. Setyadi, Djoko,. (2014), The Influence of Organizational Culture, Working Environment and Educational Training on Motivation and Performance of Government Employees at West Kutai Regency East Kalimanatan. European Journal of Business and Management Vol 6, No 30. 182-191. Zainal, Henni. (2017). Influence of Work Motivation and Discipline on Work Productivity. Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research Vol 149. 25-27.



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