Asia Pacific Journal of Management and Education(APJME)

Asia Pasific Journal of Management and Education (APJME) is an academic and peer-reviewed publication on Management and Education scope around Asia Pasific.


The aims of the APJME is to feature narrative, theoretical and empirically-based research articles related to management and education area. The APJME publishes manuscripts that describe or synthesize research of direct relevance to educational and management related research.

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The APJME vision is to publishing scholarly empirical and theoretical research articles, which offer its authors and readers a combination of academic rigor and professional development. We cannot achieve our mission without the contribution of authors who write and produce the articles of the highest quality. We are continue to develop a community that composed of professionals and experts with backgrounds in a variety of subject areas concentrating on business, management and education and from different parts of countries especially in Asia Pasific. The editor of APJME is inviting excellent authors to submit their papers for our next publication schedule.



Schedule of publication in APJME (20 MARCH)

Manuscript submitted: 20 December
Manuscript revised: 20 January
Accepted for publication: 20 February

Schedule of publication in APJME  (20 JULY)

Manuscript submitted: 20 April
Manuscript revised: 20 May
Accepted for publication: 20 June

Schedule of publication in APJME (20 November)

Manuscript submitted: 20 August
Manuscript revised: 20 September
Accepted for publication: 20 October

Vol 5, No 1 (2022): Asia Pacific Research in Business and Management (Beginning of 2022)

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